Jun Dimaano

The experienced Security ProfessionalIT ConsultantProgrammer

IT Consultant

Oversee day to day operations.

Analyzed network security and current infrastructure to assess areas in need of improvement and develop solutions.

Worked closely with management teams to plan, develop, coordinate and execute technical strategies aligned to client’s vision, mission and purpose.

Analyzed architecture design, scoping, implementation, testing and deployment needs to define project requirements. Coordinated with management teams to plan, develop, align and execute strategies that would meet client’s vision, mission and purpose.

Closely collaborated with project members to identify and quickly address problems.

Prepared and managed IT budget.

Oversee daily workflow and assignments.

Designed and led implementation of company-wide enterprise security strategy for network and hardware security, disaster recovery, data protection and information access across all major systems.

Conducted daily system monitoring, verifying security, integrity and availability of all hardware, server resources, applications and key processes.